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The power of going au-naturel

While scouring the streets of Australian Fashion Week, nothing was more obvious to us than the abundance of naturally curly, wavy, bold, and beautiful hair on display. Worn with pride and styled to embrace the natural texture of the hair – each style featured minimal styling, and instead opted for a more authentic approach. ‘This is my hair, and this is who I am’ was the overarching vibe on the street this year. Instead of being overly done – these styles embraced the wearer’s natural hair to become an extension of their personality.
Rather than masking their natural textures or feeling the pressure to straighten their tresses – this fashion forward crowd celebrated the authenticity of their curls and waves, which came in all shapes and sizes. “It was so nice to see people putting down the straighteners and prioritising their hair health,” says ROBE founder, Lauren Mackellar. “When it comes to curls, most people know that straightening their hair damages the curl. What I saw at Fashion Week was people who clearly really wanted their hair to be in the best condition possible, so they could proudly show everyone how amazing and healthy their hair actually is.”
So, how can you achieve a similar look if your hair is highly textured and filled with natural curls, bumps, kinks and twists? Lauren recommends first focusing on dryness and frizz. “It’s all about not washing your hair too often, using something really nourishing when you do, and not colouring it very often, as this can dry your hair out and ruin the curl pattern,” explains Lauren. “It’s all about doing less, washing less, colouring less and getting as must moisture into your hair as it can handle.”
Products to help get you there
One of the best products to use on curly, wavy or kinked hair is ROBE’s Clean + Finish solution, which streamlines yours haircare routine with our innovative wash-and-wear formula. “The best thing about Clean + Finish is that it doesn’t lather, and this was a big hit at Fashion Week when we were chatting to everyone,” adds Lauren. “The curly hair category know that sulphates and lather are really bad for the texture of their hair and will leave it looking worse for wear, so using something like the Clean + Finish and then ending with our Leave-In Treatment will help provide that extra nourishing support to define the curl as it’s drying.”


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