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Made in Australia . Haircare with High Performance Active ingredients . Afterpay Available


Q: Is Robe safe for use whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

A: Yes! all of our formulas are low-tox (free from SLS, silicones, parabens and phthalates) and the actives are all plant based, so they're very safe to use throughout your pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Q: I'm not sure if i'm ready to invest in a particular product yet, and i'd like to try a few types before I work out what's right for me - do you offer trial sizes?

A: Yes we do, we have sachet size samples of the Thickening shampoo and conditioner, Clean + Finish and the Leave-in treatment that will be available on the website in October.

Q: I subscribed to your mailing list but haven't received my code yet!

A: Most of the time we find if you don't receive your discount code offer in your primary mailbox, that it will have gone into your junk folder. So check all of your mailboxes, and if by chance you still cant find it, email us at so that we can help generate a new one for you.

Q: Can I add or change things in my order after it has been placed?

A: Unfortunately not. Our systems are set up in a way that means your orders are sent directly to our warehouse for prompt packing and shipping, so there's very minimal opportunity to add or change your order once it is placed.

Q: i'm purchasing internationally, will I be charged for duties and taxes?

A: Yes, when your package reaches customs in your country, you will pay duties to have it processed upon arrival.

Q: Are the products vegan?

A: The only product in the range that is not vegan is the Leave-in Treatment. It contains Keratin Amino acids which are an animal by- product.

 Q: i'm sensitive to fragrance, are any of the products in the Robe range fragrance-free?

A: The tonic is completely fragrance free, but If you wanted to test out the fragranced formulas witout having to invest in a full-sized bottle, you can purchase a sachet sample and try it to see if it's still suitable for you.

Q: Which products do you recommend for someone going through cancer treatment?

A: I had incredible results with using the tonic on my scalp when I lost my hair during treatment, and then I started with the Thickening and Lengthening ranges once my hair started growing back. you can find both of them together in the Ultimate Growth Kit.

Q: How often should I be using the Tonic?

A: You can use the Tonic everyday if you like, but the most important thing is to reapply after you've washed your hair because the formula will have been washed off since your last application. it can be applied on both wet/damp or dry hair. 

Q: Is the leave-in treatment a heat protectant?

A: The leave in will help protect your hair from blowdrying, but if you're heat-styling with a flat iron or curling iron, you may want to apply a specific heat protectant product before you style, as the temperatures are much hotter.

 Q: i'm interested in becoming a Robe stockist - who should I contact?

A: Send an email to and and we can send you the infomation about becoming a stockist for Robe.

Q: what are the best products for oily hair?

A: we suggest trying the Thickening range and the Clean+Finish - both formulas are great for helping to keep oily hair fresher and cleaner for longer. Both of these products are available in sample sized sachets so that you can work out whats best for you.



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