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Unlocking the Potential of Robe's Tonic for Accelerated Hair Growth

Noticing that your hair is thinning, or even seeing hair in your hands in the shower, can be a very distressing and confronting situation. 

And considering how common it is amongst both men and women, I always found it frustrating that there was a lack of products available to help people take control back over their hair loss, and to help them feel better about themselves. 

When we notice our hair isn't as dense or as healthy-looking as it was when we were younger, it can really affect our self–esteem, and it can also make our hair difficult to style too. 

There can be many internal health issues that can cause our hair to shed excessively and lead to hair loss.

But my experience as a hairdresser also taught me that we can only grow thick, healthy hair when our scalp is also in great condition.

This led me to the development of the Robe Tonic.

I wanted to create a product that could be applied to the scalp regularly, that would provide the foundation for the growth of the healthiest hair possible! 

For that to work, it had to be a powerful product that could help strengthen the follicles, feed them with the ingredients that healthy hair needs, and also boost the circulation of the scalp, to make sure that there's adequate blood flow to keep the follicle growing thick and strong. 

When we think about ‘hair treatments’ we generally think about a tub of thick conditioning mask that requires getting into the shower to wash the hair, then hopping out of the shower, applying the mask, and leaving it on for 30 minutes before having then get BACK into the shower to rinse out the treatment.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it – let alone do I have time to do that regularly!

So, I really wanted to change the way we think about and use hair treatments.  

I wanted to create something that had all the benefits of those time-consuming masks (if not more!) but in a much simpler and convenient way. 

And I wasn’t alone.  

So many of my clients were time-poor like me, and wanted to have great-looking hair, but without having to set aside time to achieve it.  

Knowing that it was hard to come by hair treatments that helped to reduce hair loss and that really helped regrow hair, I knew that there was a place for a treatment like that to exist, but I would have to make it myself! 

What is Robe's Tonic? 

Something I noticed when I was hairdressing was that when it came to hair treatments, they would always leave hair feeling heavy and weighed down. 

That meant that people that had begun to notice their hair thinning would generally avoid using them, and they seemed to only be made for people with thick or coarse (or already healthy!) hair.  

Being a fine-haired gal myself, I knew this problem all too well. 

When I was thinking about what would work in fine or thinning hair, I felt that it needed to be ultra-lightweight in the hair, and also quick and easy to apply. 

With all of these points in my mind, I set to work designing and developing the ultimate treatment to help people have amazing hair – The Tonic! 

The tonic is a concentrated treatment that gets misted onto areas of the scalp where you are noticing hair loss, thinning, slow growth, or coarse grey hairs. 

It has a water-like consistency, so once it is sprayed into the scalp it dries with no trace (tick!) 

It stimulates the growth of new, thicker strands, calms inflammation on the scalp, and helps to reduce hair shedding in order to keep the hair looking and feeling thicker and healthier (tick, tick, tick!) 

The best part of the product that I found while I was testing it out (in my opinion) was that even with its powerhouse line-up of ingredients, it didn’t weigh the hair down – even fine textures, or hair that was thinning. BINGO! 

I was able to reapply it daily, and I could walk out the door after applying this incredible superhero of a product – and get on with my day – all the while I had a treatment in that was helping to restore, strengthen AND nourish my hair.  

Active Hair Growth Ingredients in The Tonic 

Even though I have loads of experience in hair (and I excel in knowledge on the hair loss front (due to my own shedding troubles), I am definitely NOT  a chemist. 

When I submitted my wish list of benefits to the chemist who helped me create my dream formula, I was adamant that it had to be free from any nasty chemicals, and that I had a preference for natural botanicals over synthetic ingredients. 

With that in mind, we opted for the following active ingredients to be the basis of the Tonic: 


Akosky Adzuki

Promotes cell activity in the hair and promotes hair growth and volume 

Quandong extract

Boosts the density and lustre of the hair.



A natural antioxidant ingredient made from the larch tree, that helps to restore your natural pigment and blend away grey hairs.


Aloe Vera

Strengthening, helps control oil production of the scalp, boosts hair growth, and calms an itchy scalp.


Green Tea

Stimulates the follicles to encourage new hair growth.


Radiata Sprout

Think of sprouts as being multivitamins for your hair! They contain vitamins A, B, C, and biotin.

The specific combination of these natural actives all come together to give your scalp and follicles everything it needs to grow at its best. 

As I mentioned before, our scalp is the foundation of your hair health – so you can think of The Tonic as the fertiliser that you need to grow your most bountiful crop of hair yet! 

How Does The Tonic Work for Hair Growth (and Hair Loss)?

The stimulating ingredients of the tonic work by increasing blood flow to the scalp, but there is also the added benefit that comes from the way that the product is applied that gives it an added boost of stimulation. 

Once you have sprayed the solution onto your problem areas, the liquid is massaged in gently, which helps the scalp to absorb the formula, and also begins the process of increasing the blood supply to the follicles and getting the ingredients to work where it is needed. 

I like to explain how the Tonic is able to stimulate hair growth activity, in terms of how you feel after you have a green tea or coffee – you feel awake, alert, and productive. 

The stimulating ingredients of the tonic are like that for your scalp!  

The ingredients boost cell activity and production, making the cells work faster, more effectively, but in a focused way that is directed at the root of the hair. 

With this increased activity in your scalp, the blood is able to carry all of the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins, and deliver them to the follicle - giving it everything it needs to grow in the best way possible.  

The calming and soothing nature of the formula (with the addition of aloe) makes sure that even though cell production is increased, that you won't feel any tingling or itchiness while all of this is happening – because it soothes and calms the scalp while it is hard at work growing your hair.  

The addition of Darkenyl into the formula was a two-pronged approach:

This clever little antioxidant boosts the stem call activity at the root of the hair, and helps your hair to produce more pigment cells. These pigment cells are what gives your hair its natural colour, so when used consistently, the grey hair will return to your natural colour like magic. 

But these pigment cells also help to bulk out the strand, by acting like extra building blocks while the hair is growing. This means that not only is your hair colour has more vibrancy and richness, but it's thicker too!

Benefits of Using The Tonic by Robe 

When it comes to talking about what kind of results the Tonic will give you, it really does cover all the bases when I think back to the concerns my clients would talk about when I was a hairdresser. 

If overall hair health is your priority, it’s something you’ll want in your bathroom because it really does so much, and in such a convenient way! 

These are some of the incredible ways the tonic will help you to grow your best hair yet: 

Promotes new hair growth

Even in follicles that are dormant or showing signs of thinning!

Increases hair resilience and volume

Instead of your hair feeling heavy or weighed down, it will feel instantly thicker and volumised. It's even great to style your hair with! 

Improves youthful appearance

Reduces visibility of grey hair, and restores the youthful richness of your natural colour.  

Safe for colour and keratin-treated hair

The ultra-mild and natural ingredients mean it is safe and gentle enough for everyone to use – even while pregnant or breastfeeding! 

I used to speak to my clients about how frustrating it was for them that they weren't allowed to use active skincare while they were pregnant or breastfeeding.  

Knowing how much hair can change during pregnancy (and then fall out!) I wanted to make sure the Robe range only contained ingredients that were completely safe to use during pregnancy, when they might need it most.  

Even though our formulas are ‘active’, the actives are unlike those in skincare that women are told to avoid while pregnant (like retinol, for example) because they are all-natural and derived from plants.

But if you have any concerns or questions, you should always speak to your doctor.


How to Use Robe's Tonic for Best Results

The Tonic can be reapplied daily, but the most important thing is to make sure you reapply after you have washed your hair, when the formula has been removed from the scalp. 

The Tonic can be applied to damp or dry hair, and then gently massaged in to avoid dripping or running.  

If you’re applying after you’ve just washed your hair, it's important to make sure you have towel-dried the excess water out first, because otherwise, you will be diluting the actives and their potency.  

After you have massaged the product into your scalp, you can also use your fingertips and dab any excess onto your eyebrows to help them stay full and thick as well!  

Testimonials & Real-life Results 

Britt and Steph started using the Tonic to help regrow their hair after experiencing post-partum hair loss.  

After six weeks of consistent use of the tonic, Britt has noticed an increase in the density and thickness of her hairline.

She’a also reported an increased growth of her new hairs around her temple, and a new richness in her natural hair colour. 

Steph had realised her hair was quite fragile around her hairline, and it wasn’t growing as fast or as strong as before she was pregnant.

After just 3 weeks of applying the tonic to her hair, she has noticed faster growth, and increased strength and shine to the hair she was worried about before she started using the tonic.  

I started to use the Tonic after I lost my hair during my cancer treatment. 

I began applying the tonic to my bald scalp (even though doctors told me my hair would probably never regrow) and it was only 6 weeks later that I began to see small baby hairs starting to grow. 

I continued using the tonic every day during the 12 months of my chemotherapy, and during that time, my hair grew almost to my shoulders – even when most people lose their hair! 

Not only that, but my hair is a rich brown colour, with no grey hairs! 

I have seen so many people’s hair return after chemo and it was always completely grey after their treatment. My hair looks thick, and full and has an incredible shine and vibrancy – and I can honestly say it must have been from my consistent use of the Tonic! 

8. FAQs About Robe's Tonic 

Q: Will my hair feel greasy and weighed down? 

A: No, not at all – the akosky adzuki actually adds volume to your hair! And the aloe helps to control oil production on your scalp, so you’ll find it actually balances out the sebum production. 

Q: How soon will I see results? 

A: You should notice a reduction of shedding in 3 weeks, new thicker, hair growth within six weeks, and a blending of your greys in 4 months of consistent use. 


Q: Is it okay to use on a sensitive scalp? 

A: Yes, the formula is very calming and will help soothe your scalp, not irritate it. 

Q: Is it okay to use while I'm doing chemotherapy? 

A: Absolutely! Even if you are in the middle of your treatment, from my experience, if you begin using the Tonic during treatment, it will help strengthen and protect your follicles to prepare them to grow back quickly and as soon as possible!


Closing Thoughts

By now, if you’ve read this far, you’ll know just how special the tonic is and how many benefits your hair can receive from its’ incredible formula.  

Even if you’re not currently experiencing any hair issues like greying or thinning, the tonic will help protect your hair and keep your natural colour looking radiantly youthful.  

And, if life throws you a curveball and you encounter a stressful period in your life – your hair will have everything it needs to stay looking and feeling healthy and strong. 

With so many incredible ingredients in one small product, that has the power to improve so many common hair concerns, I'm so proud of our hero product, the Tonic. 

And the best part is, this product will help everyone. There is no hair type or texture that it won't be suitable for.  

So, if your hair is important to you, I really think you’ll be surprised at how incredible it can look and feel once you start using the Tonic.


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