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Redensyl: Unveiling the Gold Standard for Hair Regrowth

Redensyl has been having a bit of a moment in the hair regrowth world during the past few years, and it’s not surprising.

Healthy hair has long been admired as an indicator of our status and vitality for centuries – and how we choose to wear our hair serves as a way for us to express our unique character and personal identity. 

When we experience hair loss, it can directly impact how we feel about ourselves, so it’s easy to see why Redensyl (or any new compound in the market) might generate a bit of a buzz.


But before we dive into what Redesnyl is, how it works, and whether it will help your hair loss, we first need to understand how hair loss occurs.


Hair loss and hormones 

We probably all know of a man in our life who has lost or is losing his hair. But it may surprise people to know how common hair loss is in women too. 

Hair loss can be hereditary, but it can also be caused by stress, lifestyle factors or hormone imbalances.  

One of the main hormones that are responsible for causing hair loss is DHT. 


DHT and hair loss 

DHT - or dihydrotestosterone - is a natural byproduct of testosterone. This explains why hair loss is so common in men, but what about women? Well, women also naturally produce DHT in their bodies, and even a small amount can trigger significant hair loss. 

There’s a lot we still don’t understand, but it’s known that DHT blocks the ability of the hair follicle to absorb nutrients, causing the follicle to shrink. This is known as miniaturisation, and it eventually results in permanent hair loss. 

So, what can we do to help reduce DHT and help prevent hair loss? 

It's possible to help reduce the amount of DHT in our system by making healthy lifestyle choices that help keep our hormones and stress levels in check, but it can be a slow process. 

In my experience as a hairdresser, topical products that can go to the root of the problem (pun intended!) can be a very effective way to help improve overall hair health and growth.  


Redensyl and Hairloss

Redensyl is a new and very exciting ingredient when it comes to hair care. 

Discovered in 2014, Redensyl Is a plant extract that can block DHT, reduce shedding and target stem cells in the hair follicle to encourage new and faster hair growth. 

I first came across Redensyl in my research while I was developing my own range of hair products. Looking at the studies, I thought for sure it would have to be synthetic in order to explain such powerful results. 

Incredibly, Redensyl is a natural compound of pure plant extracts found in the Larch tree, that helps to fight hair loss by activating dormant hair follicles and promoting faster-growing hair. 

One of the key compounds that make up Redensyl is called 'dihydro quercetin-glucoside' or  DHQG. DHQG is a powerful molecule that encourages quicker cell division at the root of the hair. It results in more hair growth, less shedding, and stronger follicles. 


Redensyl in the hair growth cycle  


There are three stages of hair growth: 

  • Anagen (growth): During the Anagen phase, hair follicles are active, and individual hairs grow continuously for several years, determining the hair's overall length.

  • Catagen (transition): The Catagen phase serves as a short transitional period, lasting a few weeks, during which hair follicles shrink, and hair growth slows down before entering the shedding phase.

  • Telogen (rest/shedding): In the Telogen phase, hair growth is halted, and older hairs are shed to make room for new hair growth in the subsequent Anagen phase.

Redensyl works by stimulating the stem cells at the root of the hair (even in dormant hair follicles!) to activate and extend the growth phase and can delay hair shedding. 

This means the hair not only grows faster, but has a chance to grow for a longer period because of its ability to extend the growth phase, and essentially pause the rest/shedding phase. 


Benefits of Redensyl for Hair Loss


Before the discovery of Redensyl, the only product that was readily available to help combat hair loss was Minoxidil. 

Minoxidil has been widely available for many years, but unlike Redensyl, it’s a synthetic product that comes with some side effects. Redensyl, however, has been proven to outperform Minoxidil in many ways.  

And, because it’s a natural compound, it has no known side effects. 

It helps to prevent and reverse hair loss in the early stages, and has even been proven to be effective in various types of pattern baldness. 

Proven Studies with Redensyl for Hair Growth

A 2019 Redensyl study compared the two treatments and found that Redensyl increased hair density by 14%, while minoxidil only increased hair density by 9%.  

Put simply, minoxidil can help stimulate hair growth, but Redensyl stops hair loss and thinning while also making the hair grow. 

Using Redensyl for three months has proven to reduce hair fall by 16.5%. 

It also increases hair density – Redensyl is known to prevent hair thinning by increasing hair density. It has shown an 8.9% increase in hair growth during the anagen phase. 


Redensyl in Robe Haircare Products 

When I was designing the Robe range, I was adamant that each product had to be high-performing and provide long-term benefits for the treatment of common hair concerns. 

So it was a logical decision to include Redensyl in our growth-promoting Lengthening range, including the Lengthening Shampoo, Lengthening Conditioner, and Leave-In Treatment


In addition, the lengthening range also features Ginseng, Biotin, and Niacinamide.

Ginseng stimulates blood flow to the scalp, promoting growth and revitalisation. Biotin, often touted as the "hair growth vitamin," reinforces hair structure, reducing breakage and fall. Meanwhile, Niacinamide strengthens the hair's resilience against environmental stressors, curbing hair thinning and bolstering its overall health.

This combination of ingredients, when paired with Redensyl, results in softer, smoother, and shinier hair while also addressing hair loss at its core.


How to use the Robe Lengthening range to benefit from Redensyl 


When I was developing the Lengthening range, I knew that in order to receive the best results from the active ingredients in the formulas, the products had to be very lightweight in order to encourage people to use the products on the scalp.

This is why The Lengthening Shampoo and Conditioner are suitable to be massaged into the roots and left on for as long as the client wishes. A lot of people don’t like to use conditioner directly on the roots because they worry that it will weigh down their hair – but our conditioners are all suitable (and encouraged) for on-scalp use. 


How soon will I see results with Redensyl/Lengthening range? 


When it comes to shedding, you should notice a reduced amount of hair fall in the first couple of weeks of using The Robe Lengthening range. The formulas are gentle enough for everyday use, so if you want to see results quickly – you could wash your hair every day without the products drying out your hair or causing any irritation to your scalp. 

With consistent use, you should notice signs of new and faster hair growth within the first 3 months. 


Real-life Results with Redensyl

My own personal experience of using Robe’s Lengthening range has been incredibly positive and exciting. 

When I lost my hair in May 2022, I was told that my hair loss would be permanent, due to the intense amount of radiation I'd had for treatment of a brain tumour.

The doctors told me that the hair follicles were too damaged to be able to grow back. 


On top of that, I’d just begun 12 months of chemotherapy. It’s safe to say that my hair was really against the odds to grow back at all. 

My scalp was bald, and I had a 9cm scar on the right side of my head. Since I had no hair to wash, I used the Robe tonic to help soothe and gently stimulate the scalp – and it was only 6 weeks later that I noticed tiny, fine hairs sprouting from my scalp. 

The new hair was extremely delicate and fragile, but I was able to start using the Lengthening range a couple of times a week. 

Only 4 months later of consistent use, and I had a full head of hair – even over my scar! 

Fast forward to July 2023, and my hair is growing with so much strength and thickness, most people are very shocked when they learn I’ve only finished chemotherapy 2 months ago. 

I feel so confident from experiencing my own incredible results with Redensyl, and with the proven scientific research to back it up. I know that these products are going to be able to help so many other people that are experiencing hair loss too. 

Our hair health affects our confidence and how we feel about ourselves, so knowing Robe was one of the first luxury hair brands that was developed in Australia to use such an innovative ingredient like Redensyl makes us feel extremely proud. 

If you’re worried about hair loss or want to prevent it –  I can genuinely say that I have personally experienced the results and that it really works.

How many haircare brand founders can say that? 

Check out our Lengthening Range here, and see the results for yourself.

And if you’re currently battling hair loss, while there are treatments out there that are proven to work, please know that your worth is not, was not, and will never be tied to your hair or your appearance.


Lauren x


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