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Bid farewell to seasonal hair damage

Is your hair feeling frizzy, dry and brittle after the last few months? Have you noticed your colour is a bit dull or even brassy? Girl, same. As fun as the warmer months can be, there’s also a lot of damage that happens to our hair and skin when it’s constantly exposed to heat and UV rays. To bring your locks back to life and prep your tresses for Winter, here are our top restorative hair care tips.



Sadly we’re not talking about jumping back in the pool. Instead, consider how you can help your hair replace its lost moisture levels by using a hydrating mask. This is especially important if your locks are feeling dry and brittle. Apply after shampooing at least once a week to counteract the damage from any sun exposure or heated styling tools. For an added bonus, start rinsing your hair with cold water (yes, this sucks in winter but it’s worth it) as it helps to seal the cuticles in each strand. This will prevent frizz and add extra shine to your locks. 



If you’re blonde, chances are summer hasn’t been very kind to your hair. All that chlorine, salt, and sun can give your beautiful blonde tresses a major brassy vibe. To bring back your true vibrancy, try a leave-in treatment followed by a shampoo and conditioner that protects coloured hair. 



Have you noticed the summer elements have made it even more difficult to brush or comb your hair without doing extra damage along the way? This is your reminder to stop being too rough when detangling your tresses. Doing so will just cause it to break even more. Instead, try using a wide-toothed comb like the ROBE comb and start at your ends before making your way up to the root. Your hair will thank you later.



If you really want to start with a fresh slate this winter, it might be time to either get a cut or trim your split ends. After months of swimming, sunning and styling, chances are your hair is in need of a slight chop anyway. On the plus side, trimming your split ends means they’re less likely to continue to split, so you’re starting the cooler months off on the right foot. 



Not that we’re rushing out the door with super wet hair but it’s important to always dry your tresses completely before you leave home. Hair is much more fragile when it’s wet, so if you’re in super cool temps, make sure you’ve dried it properly and are protecting it from the elements with a beanie, scarf or hat. 



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