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Celebrating the beauty of natural hair

One of the biggest takeaways from Australian Fashion Week this year was a move towards more natural, healthy, and glossy hair. Brought to life by beautiful blow waves, subtle colouring and beyond – a stronger focus was placed the condition of tresses and a move towards shiny, clean and effortless locks.

 As the weather gets cooler and the winter months officially kick in – it might feel like achieving this level of hair health is impossible, but our founder Lauren Mackellar believes it’s actually easier than you think. The key is to get back to basics and be consistent. “Start with a really nice shampoo and conditioner that’s tailored to your particular hair type and texture,” she explains. “If you’re already a ROBE customer and use either our thickening, lengthening or youthful range – it could even be time to think about whether your current range is still the right option for your hair.”

Once you’ve got your shampoo and conditioner sorted, your secret weapon will be investing in a leave-in treatment you can use regularly. This will help to nourish and replenish your strands, particularly as the air gets dryer and our showers get hotter.

 “It’s also really important to get regular trims and invest in a great tool like the Dyson Air Wrap,” Lauren adds. “It’s really gentle on the hair and does so much work for you, just like the Shark tools, which are also a great option because they’re cost effective and give you professional, quick results at home.”

 Not only have these tools come a long way since the early days, you can now adjust the temperature setting so it’s the right level of heat for your hair type. “You can also use the cold shock so your style will last longer,” explains Lauren. “All those things are going to mean your hair isn’t being tortured and instead, you’ll get a nice and bouncy but natural result without having to use anything intense on or in your hair.”

 This is particularly important given any tool with a clamped side – such as a curling tong or straightening iron that hits the hair from both sides, can do a lot of damage. “Old habits die hard,” says Lauren, “but these new tools have such great technology that’s really gentle yet super effective.” For those who prefer to stay away from styling tools altogether, you might instead consider using Velcro rollers to achieve that coveted natural bounce.

 For those days and nights when you want a simple style but you’re not heading out to event, try to focus on maintaining healthy hair practices instead of overindulging in your tools. This could include investing in the right brushes and a good wide-toothed comb. Using these consistently will help your hair look and feel healthier and happier in no time.




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